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A-Z Agencies List

Browse the complete A-Z list of Rhode Island state and municipal websites.

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S  1st Congressional District Map [LEG]
P  2-1-1
S  2nd District Congressional Map [LEG]
S  5-1-1 [DOT]
S  A.T.E.L./Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program
S  AccessAbility
S  Accounts and Control [ADMIN]
S  Administration, Department of
S  Adoption Placement
S  Adult and Career and Technical Education [DOE]
S  Adult Criminal Information Database
P  Advisory Committee on Gifted and Talented Education, Rhode Island State
S  Aging and Disabilities Resource Center [DHS]
S  Agriculture Division [DEM]
Q  Airport Corporation, Rhode Island
Q  Airport, T.F. Green
S  Apply RI
S  Apprenticeship [DLT]
S  Architects, Board of Examination and Registration
S  Archives, State
S  Arts, Rhode Island State Council on the
S  AskRhody.org [DHS]
Q  AskRI.org, RIs Statewide Reference Resource Center
S  Assistive Technology Access Partnership [DHS]
S  Attorney General
S  Auditor General
S  Audits, Bureau of
S  Auto inspections
S  Automobile Registration
S  B.C.I.
S  Banking Division [DBR]
F  Bankruptcy Court, District of Rhode Island, United States
S  Beaches Monitoring [DOH]
S  Beaches, State
S  Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals, Department of
S  Benefits, Office of Employee
S  Bids, State
S  Bike Rhode Island
S  Bingo (Charitable Gaming Unit, State Police)
S  Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates
S  Blind and Physically Handicapped, RI Regional Library for the [ADMIN]
S  Blind and Visually Impaired, State Services for the [DHS]
S  Blind, Governors Advisory Council for the
P  Blood Center, Rhode Island
S  Board of Elections
S  Board of Examination and Registration of Architects [ADMIN]
S  Board of Governors for Higher Education
S  Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Educ [DOE]
S  Boards and Commissions Database
S  BoardsTracker
S  Boating Licenses
S  Brownfields Reinvestment [DEM]
S  Budget Office [ADMIN]
S  Building Code Commission [ADMIN]
S  Bureau of Audits [ADMIN]
S  Bureau of Criminal Identification/Investigation [AG]
S  Bureau of Environmental Protection [DEM]
S  Bureau of Natural Resources [DEM]
S  Business Regulation, Department of
S  Business Services [STATE]
S  C.A.S.A.
S  Campaign Finance Electronic Reporting and Tracking System
S  Cancer Control Registry, RI [DOH]
Q  Capital Center Commission
S  Car inspections
S  Car Registration [ADMIN]
S  Career Resource Network [DLT]
S  Cemetery Commission, Historical
F  Census Bureau, U.S., RI Quickfacts
S  Census Data, Rhode Island [DLT]
S  Central Mail Facilities [ADMIN]
S  Certification, Teacher [DOE]
Q  Channel 36 (WSBE-TV)
S  Charitable gaming (State Police)
S  Child Advocate, Office of the
Q  Child Support Lien Network
S  Child Support Services [ADMIN]
S  Children Task Force, Rhode Island Internet Crimes Against
S  Children's Book Award, RI
S  Children, Youth and Families, Department of
S  Childrens Code Commission [COURTS]
Q  Cities and towns
S  Cities and Towns, Historic Surveys
S  Cities and Towns, Municipal Government
S  City & Town Officials, Directory of [ADMIN]
S  Civil Service Examinations, RI [DLT]
Q  Clean Water Finance Agency
S  Coastal Resources Center (URI)
S  Coastal Resources Management Council
S  Coastal Resources, Division of [DEM]
Q  College Bound Fund
P  College Crusade of Rhode Island
S  Commercial Fishing Licenses [DEM]
S  Commercial License and Regulation [DBR]
S  Commission for Human Rights
S  Commission on Race and Police-Community Relations [ADMIN]
S  Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing [ADMIN]
S  Commission on Women [ADMIN]
S  Commissions Database, Boards and
H  Community College of Rhode Island
Q  Community Health and Equity, Division of [DOH]
S  Constitution, RI (General Laws)
S  Consumer Protection [AG]
S  Contractor License Search [ADMIN]
S  Contractors' Registration Board [ADMIN]
S  Controller's Office [ADMIN]
Q  Convention Center Authority
H  Cooperative Extension Service, URI
S  Corporate Online filing System
S  Corporations Database
S  Correctional Industries [DOC]
S  Corrections, Department of
P  Council for the Humanities, Rhode Island
S  Council on the Arts, RI State
S  Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) [COURTS]
F  Court, U.S. Bankruptcy (District of RI)
S  CourtConnect, ACS [COURTS]
S  Courts, RI
S  Crime Victim Compensation Fund [TREAS]
S  Criminal Information Database, Adult [COURTS]
P  CultureCount
S  D.C.Y.F.
S  Day Care Licensing and Regulation [DCYF]
S  Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Commission on
S  Deaf, RI School for the
S  Death Certificates
S  Design Professionals, Boards for
S  Developmental Disabilities Council
P  Directorio Hispano/Hispanic Yellowpages
S  Directory of New Hires, Rhode Island State
P  Directory of Rhode Island Nonprofits
S  Disabilities, Governor's Commission on
S  Disability Determination Services [DHS]
S  Disability Insurance, Temporary
P  Disability Law Center, Rhode Island
S  Disciplinary Board [COURTS]
S  Disease Prevention and Control, Division of
S  District Court [COURTS]
S  Diversity, Office of Human Resources, Outreach and [ADMIN]
S  Division of Coastal Resources [DEM]
S  Division of Community Health and Equity [DOH]
S  Division of Design Professionals [DBR]
S  Division of Fish and Wildlife [DEM]
S  Division of Forest Environment [DEM]
S  Domestic Violence Training and Monitoring Unit [COURTS]
S  Donley Rehabilitation Center [DLT]
S  Drinking Water Quality, Office of [DOH]
H  Driver Education (CCRI-Lifelong Learning)
S  Driver's Manual [ADMIN]
S  Drivers Licenses and IDs [ADMIN]
S  E 911
Q  E.D.C.
Q  E.R.S.R.I.
Q  Economic Development Corporation, Rhode Island
S  Education, Board of Governors for Higher Education
S  Education, Department of - Information Works! [DOE]
S  Education, Department of Elementary and Secondary
S  Education, Higher, Office of
S  Education, RI State Advisory Committee on Gifted & Talented
S  Eisenhower House
S  Elder Services, Pocket Manual of Rhode Island [DEA]
S  Eldercare Locator [DEA]
S  Elderly Affairs, Department of
S  Eleanor Slater Hospital [BHDDH]
S  Elections & Voting [STATE]
S  Elections, Board of
S  Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of
S  Emergency 911, Rhode Island
S  Emergency Management Agency
S  Emissions and Safety Testing Program Rhode Island
P  Employee Assistance Program, Lifewatch
S  Employee Benefits, Office of [ADMIN]
Q  Employees' Retirement System of RI
S  Employer Handbook
S  Employer Service Unit [DLT]
S  Employer Tax Section, Division of Taxation [DOR]
S  Employment and Training Services [DLT]
F  Employment Law Advisor, FirstStep
S  EmployRI - netWORKri Online [DLT]
F  En Espanol, USA.gov
S  Energy Resources, Office of [ADMIN]
S  Engineers, State Board of Registration for Professional [DBR]
H  Environmental Data Center, URI
S  Environmental Health, Division of [DOH]
S  Environmental Management, Department of
S  Environmental Protection, Bureau of [DEM]
S  Ethics Commission
S  Executive Orders
S  Fall Prevention Partnership [LTGOV]
S  Family Court [COURTS]
S  Family Planning, Division of Health [DOH]
S  Film and TV Office, RI
S  Financial Accounting Network Systems, Rhode Island [ADMIN]
S  Fire Districts and Charters Index [STATE]
S  Fire Marshal's Office, State [ADMIN]
S  Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal and Review
S  Fire Safety, Rhode Island Special Legislative Commission
S  First Stop Business Information Center [STATE]
F  FirstStep Employment Law Advisor
S  Fiscal Fitness Initiative [ADMIN]
S  Fish and Wildlife, Division of [DEM]
S  Fishing Licenses [DEM]
S  Flood Recovery, Rhode Island
S  Flu Information [DOH]
P  Food Bank, Rhode Island Community
S  Food Protection Inspection Reports [DOH]
S  Forest Environment, Division of [DEM]
S  Forms and Applications, State Government
S  Fort Adams State Park [DEM]
S  Foster Care [DCYF]
S  Foster care licensing
Q  Free Market (RIRRC)
S  G.E.D. [DOE]
S  Games of Chance
S  Gaming, Charitable (State Police)
P  Genealogical & Historical Societies, RI Consortium of
S  General Assembly
S  General Laws of Rhode Island
S  General Treasurer
S  Geographic Information System, Rhode Island [ADMIN]
H  Geographic Information System, RI (URI)
S  Get Fit Rhode Island [GOV]
S  Gifted & Talented Education, RI State Advisory Committee on
F  GobiernoUSA.gov
S  Government Owners Manual
S  Governor
S  Governor's Commission on Disabilities
S  Governors Advisory Council for the Blind [DHS]
S  Governors Workforce Board [GOV]
S  GovTracker
S  Graduate Equivalent Degree (GED) [DOE]
S  Greenways Council [ADMIN]
S  Groundwater/WellheadProtection [DEM]
Q  Health and Educational Building Corporation, RI
S  Health and Equity, Division of Community [DOH]
S  Health and Human Services, Executive Office of [GOV]
S  Health Care Advocate, Office of [AG]
P  Health Literacy Project
S  Health Services Regulation, Division of [DOH]
S  Health, Department of
S  Heating Assistance
S  High School Equivalency Diploma Program [DOE]
Q  Higher Education Assistance Authority
S  Higher Education, Board of Governors for
S  Historic Cemeteries, Commission on
S  Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, Rhode Island
S  Historical Records Advisory Board [STATE]
P  Historical Society, Rhode Island
S  History, Rhode Island
S  Holidays, State
S  Home rule charters
Q  Housing and Mortgage Finance Corp., RI (RIHMFC)
S  Housing Resources Commission [ADMIN]
S  Human Resources Division [ADMIN]
S  Human Resources, Outreach and Diversity (HROD) [ADMIN]
S  Human Rights, Rhode Island Commission on
S  Human Services, Department of
P  Humanities, Rhode Island Council for the (RICH)
S  Hunting licenses [DEM]
S  Incorporations Search, New
S  Incorporations, New [STATE]
Q  Individual cities and towns (RIEDC)
S  Information Technology, Division of [ADMIN]
S  Information Works [DOE]
S  Inspections, automobile
S  Insurance Regulation Division [DBR]
S  Insurance, Temporary Disability [DLT]
S  Intern Program, RI State Government [LEG]
S  Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
P  Job Bank, Rhode Island
P  Job Bank, RIs
P  Jobs List, Rhode Island Community
S  Jobs, State [DLT]
S  Judges, Rhode Island
S  Judicial Nominating Commission
S  Judicial Records Center [COURTS]
S  Judicial Tenure and Discipline, Commission on [COURTS]
S  Judiciary, Rhode Island
S  Jury Service, a handbook of information
S  Justice Commission, Rhode Island [ADMIN]
S  Juvenile Correctional Services [DCYF]
P  Kids Count, Rhode Island
S  Kids Rights Handbook
S  Labor and Training, Department of
S  Labor Market Information [DLT]
Q  Labor Relations Board, Rhode Island State
S  Labor Relations Center, DOA [ADMIN]
S  Land Surveyors, Professional [DBR]
S  Landlord Tenant
Q  Landlord/Tenant Handbook (RI Housing)
S  Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of [DBR]
S  Law Library, State
S  Law Revision [LEG]
S  Laws, General
S  Laws, Public
S  Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, RI Childhood [DOH]
S  Legislative Information
S  Legislature
S  Library & Information Services [ADMIN]
S  Library Board of Rhode Island
S  Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, RI [ADMIN]
P  Library, Rhode Island Historical Society Research
S  Library, State
S  Library, State Law
S  License Plates [ADMIN]
S  Licensed by Health Dept., Professions
S  Licensed Occupations, Rhode Island
S  Licensee Lookup [DOH]
S  Licenses and Registration [DEM]
S  Licensing, RI (online)
S  Lieutenant Governor
P  Lifewatch Employee Assistance Program
S  Liquor/Enforcement and Compliance [DBR]
P  Literacy Resources/Rhode Island
S  Lobbyist database [STATE]
S  Long Term Care [DHS]
S  Long-term Care Coordinating Council [LTGOV]
Q  Lottery, Rhode Island [DOR]
Q  Low Income Energy Assistance Program [DHS]
S  Mail Services, State [ADMIN]
S  Maps, RI [DLT]
S  Marine Fisheries [DEM]
S  Marriage certificates [DOH]
S  Marriage Licenses (General Laws of RI)
S  Master Price Agreements [ADMIN]
S  Medicaid [DEA]
S  Medical Licensure and Discipline, Board of [DOH]
F  Medicare
S  Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage [DEA]
P  Memory & Aging Program
S  Minority Business Enterprise [ADMIN]
S  Motor Vehicles, Division of [DOR]
S  Motor Vehicles, Registry of [DOR]
S  Motor Vehicles, Rhode Island Emissions and Safety Testing Program for
S  Municipal Finance (formerly Municipal Affairs) [DOR]
Q  Narragansett Bay Commission
Q  National Guard
F  National Sex Offender Public Registry
S  Natural Resources, Bureau of [DEM]
P  Network for Educational Technology, Rhode Island (RINET)
Q  netWORKri
H  New England Institute of Technology
S  New Hire Reporting Directory [DLT]
P  Nonprofits, Directory of RI's
S  Notary Public [STATE]
S  Notary Public Guide, Rhode Island [STATE]
S  Occupations, Rhode Island Licensed [DLT]
  Ocean State Center for Independent Living
  Ocean State Center for Independent Living
  Ocean State Center for Independent Living
  Ocean State Center for Independent Living
P  Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition
S  Office of Energy Resources [ADMIN]
S  Office of Health Care Advocate [AG]
S  Office of Higher Education
S  Office of Library & Information Services
S  Office of Lieutenant Governor
S  Office of Rehabilitation Services [DHS]
S  Office of the Child Advocate
S  Office of Training & Development Catalog [ADMIN]
S  Office of Waste Management [DEM]
S  Office of Water Resources [DEM]
Q  One-Stop Career Center (netWORKri)
S  Open Meetings
S  Operator Control, Division of Motor Vehicles (contact information) [DOR]
P  Parent Information Network, Rhode Island
S  Parks and Recreation Division [DEM]
S  Parole Board & Sex Offender Community Notification Unit [DOC]
S  Payment Information, State of Rhode Island [ADMIN]
S  PBS, Public Broadcast System, RI
S  Personnel (Division of Human Resources) [ADMIN]
S  Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly (RIPAE) [DEA]
S  Pistol Permit Application (pdf) [AG]
S  Planning Program, Statewide [ADMIN]
S  Planning, Division of [ADMIN]
S  Plates, Vanity [ADMIN]
S  Pocket Manual of RI Elder Services (pdf) [DEA]
S  Point, The [DEA]
S  Police, State
S  Police-Community Relations, Commission on Race and [ADMIN]
S  Prescription Assistance for the Elderly [DEA]
S  Preservation & Heritage Commission, Historical
S  Probate forms
S  Professional Land Surveyors, State Board of Registration for [ADMIN]
S  Professional Regulation, Division of [DLT]
S  Professions Licensed by Health Dept.
S  Properties Committee, State [ADMIN]
F  Providence VA Medical Center, Rhode Island
S  Public Broadcast System WSBE 36, RI
P  Public Defender, Office of the
P  Public Expenditure Council, Rhode Island (RIPEC)
S  Public Laws, 1994 -
S  Public Records Administration [STATE]
S  Public Records Requests [ADMIN]
S  Public Safety Grant Administration Office, Rhode Island
Q  Public Telecommunications Authority, Rhode Island
Q  Public Transit Authority, RI (RIPTA)
Q  Public Utilities Commission
S  Publications Clearinghouse, State
S  Purchases, Division of [ADMIN]
Q  R.I. 911
P  R.I. 211
S  R.I. Justice Commission
P  R.I.C.H.
S  R.I.D.O.T.
S  R.I.E.M.A.
S  R.I.F.A.N.S.
H  R.I.G.I.S. (URI)
Q  R.I.H.M.F.C.
Q  R.I.N.E.T.
S  R.I.P.A.E. [DEA]
S  R.I.P.B.S, WSBE 36
P  R.I.P.E.C.
Q  R.I.P.T.A.
S  R.I.S.C.A.
S  Race and Police-Community Relations, Commission on
S  Racing and Athletics and Commercial Licensing Division [DBR]
S  Raffles (Charitable Gaming Unit, State Police)
S  Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped [ADMIN]
S  Registry of Motor Vehicles [DOR]
S  Regulations [DEM]
S  Regulations, State Rules and [STATE]
S  Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code [ADMIN]
S  Rehabilitation Council, State [DHS]
S  Rehabilitation Services, Office of [DHS]
S  Renewable Energy Fund, Rhode Island [ADMIN]
Q  Resource Recovery, RI
Q  Retirement System, RI Employees'
S  Revenue, Department of
H  Rhode Island College
P  Rhode Island Historical Society
P  Rhode Island Historical Society Research Library
S  Rhode Island History
Q  Rhode Island PBS, WSBE 36
S  Rhode Island Public Broadcast System, WSBE 36
P  Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC)
S  Rhodeways [DOT]
Q  RI Small Business Development Center
S  RI.gov
S  Rivers Council [ADMIN]
P  Roger Williams Law School
P  Roger Williams University
S  Royal Charter (July 8, 1663)
S  Rules and Regulations, Rhode Island State [STATE]
S  School Directory, RIDE
P  School Directory, RINET
Q  Schools Online, RI
P  Science & Technology Advisory Council, Rhode Island
H  Sea Grant, Rhode Island (URI)
S  Secretary of State
S  Securities Regulation Division [DBR]
S  Separation of Powers Training [ADMIN]
P  Serve Rhode Island
S  Sex Offender Community Notification Unit, Parole Board & [DOC]
F  Sex Offender Public Registry, National
S  Shellfish Licensing [DEM]
S  Shellfish Monitoring [DEM]
S  Sheriffs Department, State [ADMIN]
S  Sign Language Interpreter Referrral Service [ADMIN]
S  Small Claims Court [COURTS]
S  SNAP Application, Foodstamps [DHS]
F  Social Security
Q  Solid Waste Management Corporation
S  State Archives [STATE]
S  State beaches [DEM]
S  State civil service jobs and examinations [DLT]
S  State Council on the Arts
S  State Employee Wellness Initiative [GOV]
S  State Energy Office [ADMIN]
S  State Fire Marshal's Office [ADMIN]
S  State Government Intern Program
S  State holidays
S  State Investments and Finance [TREAS]
S  State Job Opportunities [DLT]
S  State Jobs [DLT]
S  State Jobs Application System [DLT]
Q  State Labor Relations Board, Rhode Island
S  State Law Library [COURTS]
S  State Library and State Publications Clearinghouse [STATE]
S  State Mail Services [ADMIN]
Q  State Map
S  State Police
S  State Police Recruit Training Academy
S  State Properties Committee [ADMIN]
S  State Publications Clearinghouse [STATE]
S  State Rehabilitation Council [DHS]
S  State Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired [DHS]
S  State Sheriffs Department [ADMIN]
S  State Workforce Board [GOV]
S  State, Department of
S  Statewide Planning Program [ADMIN]
S  Statutes
Q  Student Loan Authority, Rhode Island
S  Substance Abuse, Division of [BHDDH]
S  Summer Reading Program [ADMIN]
S  Superior Court [COURTS]
S  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [DHS]
S  Supreme Court [COURTS]
S  T.D.I. [DLT]
Q  T.F. Green Airport
S  Talking Books Plus [ADMIN]
S  Tax Forms, Rhode Island State [DOR]
S  Taxation Division [DOR]
S  Taxypayers Rights [DOR]
S  Teacher Certification [DOE]
H  Technology Transfer (T2) Center
S  Temporary Disability Insurance [DLT]
P  Tides, RI Charts
Q  Tourism Division
Q  Towns and Cities
S  Trademark Section
S  Traffic Bulletin Update [DOT]
S  Traffic Tribunal [COURTS]
S  Traffic Updates (5-1-1) [DOT]
S  Training & Development Catalog [ADMIN]
S  Training School, RI (RITS) [DCYF]
S  Transparency Portal, State of Rhode Island
H  Transportation Center, University of Rhode Island
S  Transportation Management Center [DOT]
S  Transportation, Department of
S  Treasurer, General
Q  Turnpike and Bridge Authority
Q  U.I. & T.D.I. Board of Review
F  U.S. Census
S  UCC Public Search Index
Q  UCCs, online filing of
S  Unclaimed Property
Q  Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Fund Review Board [DEM]
S  Unemployment Insurance [DLT]
Q  Unemployment Insurance Appeals, Board of Review [DLT]
S  Uniform Commercial Code [STATE]
S  Uniform Commercial Code Public Search Index
S  Uniform Crime Reports (State Police)
S  Uniform State Laws, Commission on
S  Union Contracts [ADMIN]
P  United Way of Rhode Island
H  University of Rhode Island
H  URI Coastal Resources Center
H  URI Cooperative Extension Service
H  URI Environmental Data Center
Q  Utilities Commission, Rhode Island Public
S  Vanity Plate Information
S  Vanity Plate Reservation Service
S  Vendor Information
S  Veterans Memorial Cemetery
S  Veterans Services [DHS]
S  Victims Compensation Fund, Crime
S  Victims of Crime Act
Q  Visit Rhode Island
S  Vital Records
S  Vocational Rehabilitation Services
S  Voluntary Adoption Reunion Registry
S  Voter Information Center [STATE]
S  Voter Registration
S  Waste Management, Office of [DEM]
S  Water Quality, Drinking
S  Water Quality, Office of Drinking [DOH]
S  Water Resources Board
F  Water Resources of Rhode Island
S  Water Resources, Office of [DEM]
S  Weapons Carry Permit Packet [pdf]
S  Women Business Enterprise
S  Women's Health, Office of [DOH]
S  Women, Rhode Island Commission on
S  Workers' Compensation Division [DLT]
S  Workers' Compensation Fraud and Compliance Unit [DLT]
S  Workers’ Compensation Court [COURTS]
S  Workforce Board RI, Governors [GOV]
S  Workforce Investment Office [DLT]
S  WSBE 36, RI Public Broadcast System
S  YouthWORKS411 [DLT]
M  Zoo, Roger Williams Park

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